Corporate Sales Training and Speaking…

“… one of the most important skill sets you can learn is the ability to effectively communicate. This single skill will help you in every area of your life and is a key to success!”
– Bob Circosta

In today’s ‘mile-a-minute’ world, making every second count can mean the difference between closing the sale and missing it completely. On television, Bob Circosta has just seconds to capture a viewer’s attention, create desire and make the sale. Now you can learn the secrets that make Bob television’s “Billion Dollar Man” and put them to work for you and your organization today.

As organizations navigate past one of the worst global recessions in recent history, growth has become the top priority for executives everywhere. Bob Circosta Communications provides you and your organization with award-winning, customized, and proven solutions designed to turbocharge your team’s performance.

Just take a look at some of the ways we can help transform your team:

  • Learn how to grow and compete as sales professionals in a rapidly shifting digital world
  • Discover how to identify the right opportunities
  • Increase your effectiveness through presentations designed to sell your product
  • Know what to, how to and when to say the things that motivate buyers and earn you sales – NOW!
  • Supercharge your sales cycle!
  • Learn WHO to identify, WHY people buy and HOW to capitalize on it
  • And much more!

Imagine every single member of your team as a top producer! At Bob Circosta Communications, we are dedicated to transforming your employees into elite, high performance sales professionals – that get results!

You can’t teach if you haven’t learned.

Bob Circosta has been motivating and inspiring people for over 30 years. But don’t be fooled – Bob isn’t just any speaker. He’s an experienced professional who’s dedicated to sharing the secrets that have helped him generate over $10 billion in sales on behalf of clients, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Painted using the backdrop of a wealth of personal experiences, Bob has created a variety of workshops that will positively influence and enrich your organization. During these engaging and customized sessions Bob can talk about how to:

  • COMMUNICATE your value proposition to customers…
  • SUCCESSFULLY create a need for your product or service…
  • LEARN how to position your product in a way that will compel customers to BUY NOW
  • IMPROVE your corporate culture…
  • MOTIVATE your team to get better results…
  • CREATE a company where employees are loyal and happy…
  • And much more!

This information isn’t available anywhere else because no one comes close to matching Bob Circosta’s unparalleled record!  Empower your employees and give them the high-performance tools they’ll need to bring them closer to your customers than ever before by letting Bob share his words of wisdom with your organization today!

Stay one step ahead of the competition and book Bob Circosta to come talk at your function today by calling us at (727) 592-9310 or by filling out our online form here!

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