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Life's a Pitch

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Selling is pretty much what Bob Circosta has been doing for the last three decades.
Not only was he TV’s ORIGINAL Home Shopping host, but he also helped create the multi-billion dollar TV home shopping industry–from scratch.Over the past 36 years, Bob has logged over 25,000 hours of LIVE selling on television…made over 75,000 separate product presentations…and has, individually, sold over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in merchandise. (Hey, they don’t call him TV’s “Billion Dollar Man” for nothing.)
Bob’s breakthrough strategies have been proven in the real world and featured on NBC’s Dateline, ABC’s Good Morning America, The Today Show, 20/20, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Along the way he’s helped celebrities like Suzanne Somers, Fran Drescher, Florence Henderson, Ken Paves, Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, Carol Alt, Jillian Barberie, Dixie Carter, Patti LaBelle, Bob Hope, Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, Cindy Margolis and more sell their products.
Now it’s your turn: Bob Circosta has packed his decades of experience and knowledge into a book that can and will help you maximize your sales potential and ability to communicate your message–whatever it may be–to anybody, anywhere!

About the Author

BOB CIRCOSTA: TV’s original home shopping host and one of the individuals who helped create the TV home shopping industry. Over the past 36 years, Bob has logged over 25,000 hours of LIVE selling on TV, made over 75,000 separate product presentations and has–individually–sold over $5 billion worth of merchandise. Just recently, Bob sold over 40,000 water filters–almost $1.8 million in sales–in ONE DAY! He is the recipient of the first ever HSN LEGEND AWARD for his lifetime achievements. In addition to TV, Bob helps corporations, small business owners, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life sell more of what they have–in ALL different forms of marketing – from face-to-face to on the phone to making presentations in front of a group or in making a video. Bob shares his unparalleled expertise and knowledge on how to MASTER YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE–teaching how to pitch anything to anyone–anywhere!

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