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Our clients sell over $50 million in products – every year!

When it comes to the world of  TV, you have mere seconds to grab someone’s attention. You’ve invested countless hours into your product and spent all that time trying to get on to TV, but if your product isn’t presented correctly, it won’t sell. In fact, some of the best products don’t sell because they lacked a focused message and a compelling call to action. Don’t waste your product’s potential!

If you’re someone who wants to get it right, then you need to tap into Bob Circosta’s unsurpassed knowledge of the home shopping world and take your product – and the profits it’s capable of producing – to the next level. From what to say and how to say it to whom you get to engage your product, when you leave Bob Circosta Communications you’ll be completely prepared to sell your products on television.

Bob Circosta Communications offers a variety of On-Air Training courses designed to increase your profits:

  • ON-AIR SALES TRAINING– This one-day, “one-on-one” private training course is customized to meet the unique needs of you and your product! Work with Bob to develop presentations using the words that increase sales and get those phones ringing!


  •  ON-AIR BRAND MANAGEMENT– Your product has a story and we’ll help you tell it – and sell it!  From positioning your product to how you present it on television, Bob and his team work with you to make your products as appealing to your target market as possible!


  • ON-AIR PRODUCT SPOKESPERSON– Bring in “TV’s Billion Dollar Man” to be the on-air spokesperson for your product on television. Why worry about semantics when you can employ the industry’s most successful figure to sell it for you! Who better than Bob?


Learn how to sell anything on-air!

From brands known around the globe to celebrities and entrepreneurs, Bob gets results! We help you develop a core set of skills that are real-world proven to get you sales!

  • Develop presentations designed to SELL your product
  • Know what to say, how to say it and when
  • Learn how to spark interest and create demand within minutes
  • See how you can customize a presentation that is catered towards your  unique needs
  • And much more!

Due to the incredibly high demand, availability is limited! Don’t miss your opportunity to boost your on-air sales presentation and maximize your profits! Give us a call today at (727) 592-9310 or fill out our online contact form and have us reach out to you!

When NBC's TODAY Show wanted to find out how to successfully sell a product on a TV home shopping channel, they came to the expert, Bob Circosta...


Bob Circosta On Air Sales Training Program

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